Technical support

You can contact us over the phone or sending team support. Our sales team will verify if you are eligible for technical support. They will ask what is the problem, and will consult with a technican, who will call you back. In general we will answer all your questions related to the installation, and configuration of the purchased software products from Sunday to Thursday between 9:00-16:00 hours,  

Technical support in e-mail

We reply to all your e-mail messages within 3 business days. Please send e-mail messages to

Developer support

One of our primary objectives is to support software developers and system integrators. If you have questions related to software development, or you need an example code for a particular programming language, do not hesitate to ask! We will give you all the assistance you need, to help you get your development project started and completed successfully.


support contact

E-Mail :

Phone :  0126-095-539