SMS Services

SMS System - SMS Gateway is the best software product for sending SMS notifications and for building automated SMS information retrieval services. It can be installed on Windows and on Linux systems and it can be used to send and receive SMS messages.

If you want to use mobile messaging in your company, the best practice is to setup an SMS gateway on one of your servers to handle all your mobile messaging needs. This SMS gateway can be connected GSM modem or SMPP. It will provide a central point of access for your office users and your IT system when they want to use mobile messaging. This way you can avoid the chaos independent SMS service subscriptions can cause over time.

Use Cable SMS System to connect your business application to the mobile network

  • Connect [] Send SMS fromyour business applications
  • Service providers [] Provide SMS services to your customers
  • Business users [] Send automated SMS alerts or collect information
  • Developers [] Send or receive SMS messages from your database 


Cable SMS System (pdf) arabic


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