Cable Co. Ltd

is a leading Android API technology and mobile messaging software vendor. It offers easy-to-use and feature-rich telcommunication products for businesses and organizations. The company is actively working on delivering more innovations to increase the productivity of it's customers. Using SMPP , our products increase productivity, flexibility, and provide a significant advantage for professionals creating mobile communication services.


Cable is a dynamically growing company, based in sudan, khartuom  It was established in 2014 by khalid ahmed abdelgadir ali software engineer. The company  is focused on keeping the good reputation.

What makes Cable different is that it provides cutting edge technology by continuous development. Once a product is released, the company does not suspend the development. New versions are released very frequently. The short development cycle provides competitive advantage and makes it possible to provide fast and efficient support. During the support sessions with customers, the engineers often learn that something can be done better. In this case the product is immediately modified to make it better.

The aim of this website is to help you add new technology to your existing IT system. This site provides information on Cable Message Server , and it presents popular solutions on how to improve your IT environment with this technology. You will also find helpful picture tutorials and step-by-step installation guides to speed up the integration process.